Boisset, a new “bioclimatic” winery unique in burgundy

boisset J C In 2014 Jean-Clause Boisset embarked on an innovative and extensive project: a new “bioclimatic” winery, unique in Burgundy, bridging the 17th and 21st centuries, a reflection of a house that goes against the grain, which embodies the new Burgundian trade principle.

An extension to vine city, in an original way it naturally fits into the wine-growing heritage. This building intends to be the physical and spiritual extension of Les Ursulines convent which was on the site until the French Revolution. Entirely dedicated to the production of high quality wines, it will be ready at the end of 2015. The product of several years of reflection under the impetus of Jean-Charles Boisset, this winery will include the reception and wine-making, fermentation in casks and bottling. It will be possible to visit by appointment.

Designed by Frédéric Didier, heritage architect, also chief architect for historic monuments, who is shared between Paris and Burgundy, this winery is the first that he has designed.boisset winery bioclimatic

This construction will take over a year.

Phase 1 is the winery, the heart of the project and it will be completed in December 2014.

Phase 2 concerns the reception and the maturing cellar parts which will be completed in December 2015.

It is not going too far to call it a massive undertaking. In fact, this new winery will be inserted into a urban and wine-growing countryside which must be respected. Furthermore, it must meet technical, functional and aesthetic demands while keeping the existing set-up and respecting the spirit of the place: the former Les Ursulines convent.

Boisset etayage-des-caves

The first challenge of the project is that the work does not affect the daily life in the cellar, during the fermentation in 2013 and during the next harvests in 2014.

The second challenge, and by no means the least, is to construct the new winery above the existing stone vaulted cellars!

The third challenge is the “bioclimatic” aspect: to use local materials as much as possible to be true to the memory and harmony of the place and its wines.

Lights, camera… Action!

To keep a visual reminder of this undertaking, a video documentary showing the work unfolding will be produced. Various players (architect, developer, engineers, winemaker, consultants, etc.) will be able to put their mark on the framework of this unique “geobiological” winery project.

Boisset family

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