Wine and Love

 vin et amour coupleDivine beverage, wine accompanies the seduction and passion.

The history of wine and love arises at the very beginning of humanity when eroticism is born and we discover sexuality and our sensibilities, yet this intimate connection that has survived the centuries charge of mystical power and symbol was banned long women. With the changing mores and gender equality wine is no longer considered dangerous but inseparable from chivalry, eroticism and love. Except that the wine in the male imagination is a introduction to the pleasures and desire, fantasy that is not expressed in the same way in women, most romantic, most tender and sentimental. It is from the Enlightenment, under Louis XIV during the gallant celebrations leading to the pleasures of love of the Court to Versailles courtesans discover Champagne.

vin et amour 3Gay Wine, happiness, love wine, especially wine is libertines, but the champagne is still nowadays associated with a refinement of pleasure.

Courting a woman is a discovery like approaching a great wine, take his time smoothly, respect others be patient. “We do not drink, give a kiss and wine makes you a caress” quote from Montaigne.

Today in our modern society wine has become the accomplice of our sensual intoxication, and our carnal passions. We can not resist this relaxation which lifts inhibitions, which delivers the timid, freed our hearts, wine every virtue to awaken the senses and erotic desires, it is the prerogative of his seductive power.


vin-amour 5One day, while opening my FAQ emails, I discovered that one dear reader wanted to talk about the emotions she felt after drinking a great Muscat Beaumes-de-Venise (Rhone Valley) following a night of intoxicating love-making.  I was only mildly surprised to see how this topic stimulated many of you to chime in with your personal experiences, describing the extraordinary sensual fullness and olfactory pleasure derived from certain sweet wines during and after loving embraces.


Over the years, so many readers have touched on this theme that I’d like to discuss how not only are the Muscats du Cap Corse, Frontignan and elesewhere are a gourmet’s most popular dessert wine, but they are also perfect accompaniments to nights of euphoric intimacy.


The Muscat grape women prefer was also the favorite of the Popes.

(It is amusing that the Muscat grape was the sacramental wine of the Popes, which is why this grape is found in the Popes’ enclave at Beaumes-de-Venise near Avignon).

vin amour champagneThe taste of wine increases pleasure

According to Jean Didier Vincent, the well-known neurobiologist who I queried after receiving your messages, scents captured by our nose are sent directlyto the right orbitofrontal cortex of the brain, which could be considered our personal Pleasure Center. This stimulates the production of dopamine, a neurotransmitter which manages our gourmand desires, emotions, and sexual appetites. If you become “addicted” to muscat or sweet flavors, the part of your brain programmed for pleasure will be hooked on nectarous smells and tastes. There is even a good argument for proving that eating and drinking well are secrets to longevity. Also, according to Jean Didier Vincent, if our brain is constantly stimulated by the pleasure of taste sensations it will age more slowly.  Don’t deprive yourself!


If the wine was always painkillers virtues, euphoric, aphrodisiac, comforting, anxiolytics or désinhibitrices, it still remains in the memory of humanity, the elixir that is the loaned games love.


And this is no accident.

Be aware that drinking in very small quantities, wine thins the cell membrane, it facilitates exchanges and the release of chemical messengers.

That is certainly what we learn from doctors and F. Tran Ky Drouard in their book, called mischievously:

The Aphrodisiacs (Artulen Editions). Yes, but what else? These experts say with assurance that actual galliard endorphins discharged by certain nerve cells tend to dissipate alertness while increasing sensory perception, making the individual susceptible to the slightest delicacies expressed to him.



vin et amour 4

Red wine is attributed the virtue of activating the sexual desire of women at all ages!


Why a good glass of red wine he so appreciated when talking of love and seduction? The main reason, in more or less understood, is not a good night’s perspective madness?

Italian researchers found that the level of sexual desire were higher in women who are drinkers “moderate” roug of wine, women who prefer other alcoholic beverages, or those who do not drink.

A theory was put forward by the Italian team that conducted the research, she concluded by saying that only ingredients of the red wines improve sexual function by increasing blood flow to the erogenous zones of the female body more sensitive and the most stressed.


vin amour sexe

But what about champagne, is it always the accomplice of women?

The magic linked to Champagne audacity pushes even further: “This wine has accomplices happiness molecules of beta-carboline, also from the brain. Their mission is to stop the inhibitory circuits. The desire is found and unleashed, free to excel and to achieve. The biology of passion is actually the result of a harmonious concert which artists are both hormones, culture and romance. “Louis XIV had understood, he served at the court of Versailles as champagne women, taking as a pretext to shine their eyes. In a book of the time, it is even stipulated that the Sun King, was an experimental vineyard in the Marne surrounded by a large wall, he practiced many experiments including one which involved grafting imported Oriental poppies on the grape varieties Chardonnay.


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