For women, drinking wine is all pleasure and emotion

dégustation rosé stagiaires Women want to drink less but better, without endangering their health and favoring a wine – pleasure – emotion approach in exceptional and festive occasions.

This partly explains the growing share of occasional drinkers in France, which is expected to increase in the coming years at the expense of regular drinkers.

Sociological evolution!

Consumption patterns are changing, from a drink with the daily meal to wine for pleasure and fun.  According to marketing experts, the male model of mandatory table wine takes a blow in favor of wine that is served occasionally for events such as aperitifs at dinners, dinners with girlfriends, or evenings with friends.  However, women have largely appropriated this dimension.  For most of them, wine is associated with a moment of encounter and sharing.


Noting the marketing efforts by producers and distributors to seduce, it is easy to conclude that women are now regarded as wise consumers. It is therefore not surprising to see new sales techniques designed to attract these “uninhibited women.”


Some speak of a “social phenomenon”, others of a “logic of history”.  Is this not a just reward?

This means that women experience the change as a small cultural revolution.

For the psychiatrist Willy Passini, “In the twentieth century, with the transformation of women as objects to the woman consumer, things change and it is normal that feminism also applies to wine.”  The emancipation of women is related to a sociological evolution: the increasing rates of unmarried women and women delaying marriage obliges them to learn about wine. In large cities, wine is also an agent of socialization. Around a tasting, one can make connections.


adelineAre wines feminized yet?

According to wine experts, this feminization could eventually positively influence French wines and the wines of the world.  Finished are wooded wines, aggressive tannins, and “juice barrels.”  They become softer, more velvety, and give way to more fruit flavors, scents that are more attractive, fine, and with more aromatic richness.

womenNow to the delight of all, wines have character and they highlight the terroir.

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