The new world wines of the famous French wine makers: Bernard Magrez

bernard magrez portraitIt’s composer of rare wines! However, the prestige of a terroir is not the only guarantee of the success and charm of a great wine. Bernard Magrez have also done his utmost to adopt vinification procedures that are respectful and both traditional and innovatrive, a task that is often difficult.

Proprietor of 40 vineyards around the world, and the “Bernard Magrez” signature on each bottle is a guarantee of quality and transparency for the consumer who wants to know the name of the person who has crafted   is favourite wine.



My discoveries and favorite wines:

Casa Magrez   Uruguay cuvée d’exception

 Cépage Tannat-Merlot

Richer, more sophisticated and more complex. Brooding aromas of intense black –fruit, liquor chocolae and cherry, plums, and oak.  Structured finish with elegant intensity.


bernard magrez vins étrangers


Yuji Aruga Japon 

Cépage Koshu                                                                                                                             

Bernard Magrez is to begin a joint venture with a leading Japanese wine maker, Yuji Aruga of Katsunuma Winery is located in Yamanashi, about an hour outside of Tokyo. It is one of the few Japanese wineries to use grapes grown in its own vineyards to make its wines Katsunuma is the site of a vineyard growing Koshu grapes on a gentle Fuji mountain slope. Rounded, pure and fruity intensity on the nose. The palate is very fruity with flavors of lemon, grape-fruit. Some sweetness filling, white fruit on the palate



Bernard Magrez Cabernet Sauvignon 2004 Napa Valley, California

Cépage Cabernet-Sauvignon 
78% Cabernet Sauvignon, 15% Cabernet Franc, 6% Petit Verdot. Very sweet, aromatic blackcurrant fruit nose with a lovely floral lift. Lively aromatics. The palate is very ripe and sweet with high alcohol apparent, but also lovely pure, focused fruit. Ripe and sweet, and quite delicious, but the alcohol is a bit of a problem. Lovely purity, though

 bernard magrez cave



La Bienvenida 2004  Casa Magrez  Mendoza, Argentina
Sweet, pure, focused nose with some lush blackberry fruit and floral aromatics. Just a hint of soy sauce, too. The palate is concentrated and lush with pure, sweet dark fruits and some elegance alongside the focus and presence. Very ripe (15.5% alcohol) but still in balance.


bernard magrez vins france

 Bernard Magrez collection the French wines

Bernard Magrez


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