A Generation of Women Dedicated to Producing Outstanding Wines

There are some 20 gifted, talented and hard working women wine growers currently leading many of France’s major vineyards. Representing many different wine-producing regions, they are all committed to combine their hopes and hard work to promote their land, their vineyard and their wine. Pioneering and passionate, they are now actively cooperating in the promotion of the Languedoc Roussillon’s “Nouvelle Frontiere” wine growing designation.
Women, mothers and wives, they seek to preserve shared values with determination and to confront detractors who unfairly demonize their wines. They aim to find together the means to earn a new critical judgment about this region. All the women engaged in wine producing in this area are proud of their achievement in the field. Beautiful, rebellious, dynamic, and proud to produce the pleasures of the table, all are partners in the new association of women winegrowers, known as “VINIFILLES.”

In short, they seek to share their know-how, develop genuine self-help wine production, preserve their lands, protect the environment, and share their own experiences in producing fine wine.
contact@vinifilles.fr – www.vinifilles.fr

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