October 2009….3rd in Pouilly-Fuissé in Burgundy – Naked Protest!

700 nude people in the vineyards of Burgundy gathered to protest against climate change.
pg091003-16261With the initiative of Greenpeace France and the famous American artist Spencer Tunick, 700 extras were placed naked in a vineyard in Burgundy.

The impacts of climate change are already being felt around the world including France, the terroir and the vines. This immense living sculpture illustrates the vulnerability of man and culture to climate change. For Spencer Tunick, whose photographs, for the last fifteen years have expressed the relationship between man and his environment, said we must act quickly “Today, at a time when the world turns into a concrete jungle, we sometimes forget this closely linked relationship between our bodies and Earth.


greenpeace franceThrough my art, I hope to draw attention to the vulnerability of our existence and the singular link that connects humans to their food, for pleasure or for their survival.”

Early harvests, hail and heat recovery – some of the effects of climate change, are not a fiction for wine growers. The increase in the alcohol and sugar due to disruption of climate upsets the already complex aromas of wines. If nothing is done today, the vineyards will move 1 000 kilometers beyond their traditional limits by the end of the century.