The Renaissance of Domaine de La Croix: modern wine making steeped in traditional values.

The largest of the Provencal ‘Crus Classés’ vineyards is reborn.
The Domaine is blessed with a unique ‘’terroir’ on the St. Tropez peninsula, and it lived up to its promise at its re-opening on June 15. Owner Vincent Bolloré has won his bet – it is possible to return to authentic wines using the extensive modern techniques he has invested in his cellars and vineyards.

Michel Rolland, one of France’s most famous winemakers, participated in La Croix’s revival. From the planting of the vines to the blending of the different vintages, his skillful eye closely monitored each step…

The diverse variety of grapes on this sublime terroir, combined with the perfect control of the vinification and aging processes, obtained an aromatic wine filled with impressively rich and silky tannins. This area was directed by the capable the hands of two women, Pascale Andrieux, the director of operations, and Helena Sinaeve, the resident oenologist.