When films speak of “vine and wine”: Nuits Saint-Georges welcomes the Festival OENOVIDEO

As a member of the jury of this festival (May 8, 9, 10) I discovered an incredible panorama of films on “vine and wine”, and I was surprised by the increasing quality of images and films. “Mondo Vino” opened the way, and currently there are more and more topics and a variety of formats: documentary, fiction, advertising, short, medium and long films. The panorama continues to broaden and become more international with the rising number of TV channels from around the world and the film industry.
“Vine and wine” films are finally going mainstream as high quality drama and theatrical arts are appearing on screens in France and abroad. The universe of these films, bring to life very real issues and conveys the emotion, beauty, humor and even ecological positions in our “vine and wine” world…Isabelle

Gagnant du Festival Prix du Jury,  "La Georgie pour l'amour du vin"

Gagnant du Festival Prix du Jury, \”La Georgie pour l\’amour du vin\”

Winner of the Grand Prize – “La Georgie pour l’amour du vin”