Stroll through the vineyards of Les Baux de Provence

chateau RomaninChâteau Romanin AOP Les Baux-de-Provence. Situated in the north-western corner of the Bouches du Rhône, the Alpilles spread out like a golden triangle, from south of Avignon at its peak to the borders of the Camargue near Arles and the Crau plain, with mythical rivers on either side, the Rhône and the Durance. The area owes its name to the chain of small mountains, called the Alpilles.


In May I traveled to the Alpilles where I am a member of the jury of the Prix Noel Michelin, for the competition of the wines of Baux, chaired by Pierre Masson, the famous biodynamic consultant.


chateau romanin accueil-patron

The contest is held at the Château Romanin biodynamic vineyard where the wine storehouse architecture is an underground cathedral.

Cave du Château Romanin aux Baux vignoble en biodynamie

Cave du Château Romanin aux Baux vignoble en biodynamie

In Baux, for several years, the winegrowers have been asking INAO for the official registration of their specifications of organic farming rules (close to 90% of the total area of vineyards are organic). After years of being refused, it seems that it is finally happening.

Jean Andre Charial is the owner of L’Oustau de Baumaniere,, the world-class famous restaurant and mansion and also winemaker and president of the AOC. I enjoyed a delightful stay at the mansion where I was enchanted by the charm, comfort, and delicious food prepared by the luncheon chef.