EU rose winemakers gear up to fight blending rule

Rose wine producers from the world’s top three winemaking countries joined forces on Tuesday to fight a plan to let red and white wines be blended in Europe to make rose, saying it would kill their industry. Next month, experts from the European Union’s 27 countries will vote on a proposal tabled by the EU’s executive Commission to scrap a longstanding ban on rose blending. Many of the countries have said they will vote to end the restriction.
That idea has infuriated quality rose producers from France, Italy and Spain — the world’s three leading winemakers — who insist the two types of rose are utterly different and mixing two wine types to make a third is sheer anathema.
“Consumers know that many efforts have been made to improve the quality of rose wine and it’s not by taking a bit of white wine and a bit of red. You will never get the taste and quality of rose wine,” Xavier de Volontat, president of France’s General Association of Wine Production, told a news conference.